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12 April. 2008 "THE DEAD ARE DEAD" is coming to your stores and The Dead are in hospital
The dead have a smiling and a crying skeleton eye at the moment: the smiling one because of our sweet CD that is coming to the stores step by step. In Berne Jecklin and Stauffacher even made a cute place with posters and everything to present our little baby - and that makes us happy! On the crying side our drummer Tommy is in the Hospital at the moment getting his old bones and organs renewed - so we won't play for quite some time together, but at the 30. May we will be back again at the Rock in Thun as dead as we are. In the meantime our CD will be send to all the fanzines and we hope for some good feedback - it started fantastic with the review in Bund and the big ad in the Berner Zeitung for the release show - and also in the daily mags 20min, News, Ensuite and the CD of the week nomination in little Brner Br. Thanks to you all!

Hey you out there - thank you all for coming to our Record Release Party at ISC! It was dead fun and the venue was sold out in only 45 minutes! Sorry for everybody who had to wait outside. We were surprised that the tickets went away so quickly and were happy as a bunch of dead monkeys that the party was so much dead fun. Thanks a lot to everybody who helped to make it rule the way it did - especially great SUPERSEXFLY and KID WILD, the superb DJs (TOM and DIES - thanks for helping us out), Urs and everybody else from ISC, Jrg and Nick of Chop Records, Adi the Guitar, Passive Attack, Smi, Domo Sharp Eye, Tinu el Zwergli, Pdi, Jared and the far away Gimp, Mrgu, our loving Love Angles and everybody else who helped in the one or the other way and of course all you living out there who were a-dancing, a-drinking and celebrating all night long with us. We really enjoyed it! Here you get to the PICTURES of that bif dead fun evening.
Best greetings from down under, The Dead

15. March 2008 The Dead on Radio RABE
At the 17.03. you can listen to us on RADIO RABE between 10-11h and after on in the repeat mode... Have some deadly fun on the air! 24. February 2008
At the 20. 03. 08 we will release our brand new death driven CD The Dead Are Dead! Therw will be 18 deadly tunes on it, some strictly psycho, others more rocking, some straight otlawcountrys, others again trashy or in a wild garage style - all in all pretty wide and bright! All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Dala Studios by Admiral James T over Christmas 2007 within 10 days! It is our best and most living record till now, with a very nice artwork by Tintenchilbie - thanks a lot to you all! Other big and deadly thanks go out to Jrg and Nick from Chop Records our new label! It was very nice working with you so far and we are looking forward for everything to come! Last but not least we'd like to thank Urs from ISC for the great date of our releaseparty - the 20.03.08 - the day of Jesus' dead, the most prominent dead in this cultur! So it's a great honor for us to celebrate our baby (that was suitable recorded at Christmas) on that day. And all the other thanxxx go out to our dead life love angels, families, friends and fans, who always stayed by our sides no matter what!

4. February 2008 20 hell driven dead songs newww recorded
Hey livings out there - we are dead proud about our 20 death driven snake dance country hill billy psycho dead rock tunes that we've recorded in x-mas 2007 at Admiral James T's Dala Studios Space Ship. They are happyly chilling now down there at our grave six feet under and we now check what to do with them.. They are dead rocking bastards - the best we ever wrote or recorded, hell yeah!! Hope you'll get to hear them!

23.September 2007 ***NEWS NEWS NEWS***
After a long summer we are now back down in the crypt writing death driven new songs again that will be recorded this very Christmas! We are looking forward a billion dead times to this next recording session - it is dead fun!! Next to some personal matters, that are dead now, is this the reason why we are not playing many gigs at the moment, but the one in Kofmehl we really don't want to miss (it's such a great place and superb people there - especially you Prunel, thankxxx a trillion lot), so we will play there - and maybe already new stuff! We are looking forward to see you all again! Cheers to all the living, The Long Gones

24. June 2007 page dead
Hey living, sorry for the page being dead for some days. Now everything is working again in deadlands and the page is up and running like a new born! Except for a few messages in the graveyard that turned into dust. Also in our dead live were a few problems but now we are all dead healthy again and ready to rock. We still work on the new songs which we will record this very year- yeah!! So stay tuned and have fun! The Dead

1. April 2007 Settled
After 3 months of writing new dead driven dead songs down in our very crypt in Berne, we're back in the bloody world of the living. We will go for a little weekendhelltour to Germany, where we'll play at some very nice venues: at the fabulous well known Wild at Heart Club in Berlin, the Bunker in Chemnitz (the bigger Club of the same owners from Subway to Peters were we played two years ago on our helleurope-tour through CH, D and CZ) and at the first movie theatre in Germany - the famous UT Connewitz in Leipzig! Thank you a million dead times Dannyramon! On this expended weekend tour we will support the naughty "Thee Merry Widows" (psychotic snake dance female schizzobilly from California) and in Chemnitz we will play with PVC - the first German Punk Band ever (founded 1977 years after Jesus). And the other thing we love to look forward to is our gig the following month at very nice Muehle Hunziken together with the wild tequila desert rockers The Toenails, which complete our skeleton bodies very well. It will be stonerrock to zombierock. Hope to see you at the one or other gig!

19. Mars 2007 Changes
After going one and the other way we had to change a few gig dates. We canceled the gig with The Monsters in NL because it's too much of a drive for one gig up there in the north and the gig at Sous Soul (Bern) changed to May but we may also play in Dead End that month - so we are not sure at the moment which gig we're gonna play. Hope to see you at the one or the other, the dead

13. February 2007 BRAND NEW YEAR
After travelling the world The Dead is now back from vacation ready to get hooked in 2007! At the moment we're writing a bunch of new songs and are waiting for new gigs. At the same time there is a VIDEO in production - it will hopefully be ready till summer. And for this spring we are prepearing a little dead tour through Europe. We hope to see you at one of the coming gigs. Cheers and stay dead

26. November 2006 2006 TURNS DEAD
Let's fuck n roll  Hey living
2006 turns stone cold dead and it was a year with a lot of fun for us! We had good support from our record label 808 records of leech records and our CD was world wide promoted by Crazy Love Records from Germany. We had the chance to play a lot of gigs, met many fantastic living and drunk more liquor than in any other year of our dead existence. At the moment the band has some time off because some members take their time for vacations to travel the world. But we will be back in dead 2007. This time for mortal eyes only with a dirty little hell driven video clip of the song "Miss Slovakia" with Luc Balmer on the fiddle made by ADI of The Super Sex Flies. It will give you a smelly look inside our messy crypt six feet under and it will be 180% pure trash from beneath. And then there is another fun thing for 2007: we plan a tour for spring trough France and Spain: VIVA Senoritas! And we hope for a lot of other dead fun in the rotten new year! Until then you can listen to us at DJ Leos radio show, where we've played this very November live on the air!

And at last we wanna thanxxx the lovely living for support, interest and friendship - stay dead!

11. September 2006 Horror Show
Demeted are go  Metalic banane  Finally we have found our likes from 6 feet under! At the 19. we'll play together with the hard rocking Demented Are Go and at the 20. October with the french Banane Metalic - 2 nights of blood zombie psycho horror insanity the dead way we love it!

8. September 2006 GIGSPICS
And there is even more updates on this very dead page! Thankxxx to socket locus thoemel we have a brand new pic gallery - what means that we can put our bloody picgigpics easely on line - so you find a whole bunch of new rotten photos around in our heroic MEMORIAL - check em out!

20. August 2006 GUESTBOOK NR. 5
Ohh yeahh, after our old guestbooks fucked up all the time, we have a brand new red hot one online now! Almost all of the old messages are gone but but you are welcome to post some new ones! And thanks a lot to socket locus for making the new Guestbook so nicely - we one you our dead soul and rotten skeletton bones!

18. August 2006 Press the Press
dead out  Finally we did it - our PRESS SECTION is updated with the help of our very IMMORTAL GIMP. ThankXXX for support! In the section you find all the reviews about us, our albums and more - the way the living see us..HAHAHA

20. July 2006 The Dead's fishing camp
fishing  Hey - see this pic from the north? It's at Alfred Deppler fishinging camp (?) in Irland and the dude on the very right side is wearing a very The Dead shirt. HEHE...Welcome to the club my friend!! The Dead fishers are fishing big fishs in Irland - that's the way we love it!!

Miss Perfect with Dead Cap  Hey hey hey living snifflers, finally we did it - we have ordered all the long gone and much loved dead merch articles of the last 4 years!! So you can get all the old shirts, caps, buttons and even stickers in our deadly rotten dead shop now! You find them in the Dead Stuff Section. Go check 'em out and buy the one or the other of this very raw - and by our very Gimp designed - pieces of underground and you will be the outstanding one - loved by all the sexiest babes and boners all around!

11. May 2006 UNIA Gig
Kill kill kill  Hey everybody, here you get the deadly flyer of our UNIA gig together with The Monsters and Suicidal Dream. If you like wild garage trash come and check the gig out! And at the turntable you will find our very gimp doing great garage-beat-n-roll sounds straight from his cellar! Be dead, be there!

What can we do or say? Our suicidal guestbook killed itself again the 5th time in row now!! So at the moment it is dead as dead can be and all your lovely and hateful posts are gone with the wind and turned into never returning dust. What a shame! But soon we will have a new guestbook (in god, sascha and the gimp we trust) and we hope you will still post some deadly notes again. Till then you can check some real old but - thank lord - saved messages in our archive out. You find it in the graveyard. We are sorry for the lost.

22. April 2006 Take You Home Mp3s
Now you find 3 mp3s of our new record in the Dead Stuff section - go check'em out and buy that devlish baby!!

21. April 2006 KID WILD
Hey everybody here you get some pics, the story and the sound of fabulous KID WILD!! Go check it out - he really kicks ass!!

17. April 2006 Bikini Test
The Dead by Padi!  Bikini Testt!  Tommy and Pädi the stoneworkers  Hey living here you get some pics of us at Bikini Test. The drawing was made by Pädi the way he sees and likes us - thanxxx a lot - we love it a lot, stonebrother!!

31. March 2006 Suicidal Guestbook
Fucking A - our guestbook died for the third time now - fucking suicidal!! We're sorry for all the lost messages but are happy for the new ones you've posted!!

23. March 2006 News from the crypt
Don't miss it!  Hello everybody, don't miss our mOnSTER bash at the 16.04. with the Legendary Kid Combo and the Electric Sheep Companiy at Mokka Thun. Here's the flyer of Johnny Brightboot - thanks a lot!! And thanks to all you living who are visiting our page! This month we had 65 visits per day what is deadly cool for us!!

12. March 2006 Page almost finished
Soooo - the most bugs are killed by now and you can enjoy our lovely page in the full monty!! And there are also the first "Take You Home" CD Reviews online now and more are to come!! Our big thankxxx goes out to our very Gimp who did most of this work next to his daytime job!!! Thanks a lot, it's great to have you by our side and we'd be definitely dead without you :)! And another big thanks goes also out to everybody who joins our dead shows (we really appreciate and love it), buys our deadly stuff and visits our dead page!! Thanks a lot and stay dead!!

10. March 2006 New Layout in progress
The new layout is still in progress and a few changes have still to be done and some bugs have to get killed! And then also the new reviews will get online soon! Check em out later - The Dead

5. March 2006 New Layout and New Shop Stuff
As you can see we changed our Homepage layout according to our Album Take You Home! And we added the Album and its shirt to our shop! So you can finaly also order those things in our little smelly shop! Hope you like the new layout or else dump a line in our guestbook!

2. March 2006 Update
Now we did it - the first 4 gigs in 2006 are past and we had big dead fun playing at all these lovely places - let's live rock n roll!!! We also dated some parts of our page up. For example you can check the pics from our Record Release Party at Dachstock Reithalle Bern out and you find 3 Songs of the new album at the stuff section! And there is even more to come - our busy Gimp will (hopefully) gimp it up soon!! You also find now the dead on My Space - have fun living and see you next time!!

19. Jan 2006 Back in Black
The Dead is back in black for 2006! After 3 weeks of vacation we are ready to rumble again! Soon will date our page up with the new reviews, pictures and news about the releaseparty and are deadly looking forward to all the upcomming shows.
See ya there

Hey living, the trees are bare, the stones are cold and The Dead are around the house again. In the last few weeks we were busy preparing our new Album “Take you home” that will be released at the beginning of the new year and we had the first gig with our new label mates Nguru in Grabenhalle in St. Galllen which was big fun! We are very happy to be on Benos 808 Records and are looking forward to present you our new dead born baby at our great terrifying and helloucious PLATTENTAUFE at Dachstock Reithalle in Bern where the Album will be available to mortals for the very first time at the 23.12.2005! There will be many friends joining us and all the dark gone creatures of the night and hell bounders will reunion!! We’re as happy as dead can be to also present you that night the furious 70s glamour trash transladies The Gutter Queens, the wild speed punk combo The Moped Lads and dead shaking garage n roll dead dance beat disco with Dannyramone (from Fuckadies, Unhold and Subversiv Records) and the very Gimp himself!! It’s a devilish snake dance party; be there – and drink Christmas dead!

11. October 2005 Take you home - CD RELEASE
Ay living, everything's coming back home again – this time with our brand new CD “take you home” that will be released in December. More details to the opening party will follow. The CD contains 15 dead hot songs that were recorded with Admiral James T. last Christmas at the Dala Studios. With the new CD there are also new cards, shirts, posters and more to come. The record will be released on 808 records of leech redda in cooperation with Crazy Love Records in Germany for worlwide distribution. Thanks a lot to Beno and Guido for everything – we’re as happy as dead can be!

18. September 2005 Summer dead
Summer is getting over now and we had some nice gigs like at the Spiezer Lärmtage, the Rock in Thun, Defcon at Schüür and our gig close to Brussels in Belgium in a big old church at the “make trouble at the chappel festival”! This was by the way the first gig we've got paid for some flight tickets to get there – felt good! And in September we'd have opened up for Transplantation (a project of Rancid and Blink 181) at Abart in Zürich - but unfortunately the gig was cancelled due to illness, death and disease.

19. July 2005 Dead Shirts On The Air
We were happy to see the female TV moderator of the Gurten Festival wearing our Fiesta de los Muertos T-shirt. Now the interviewed Chemical Brothers know how a good shirt must look. Also a big thanks to Elif who wore the classis dead shirt on her VIVA show. Thanks to you all!

17. July 2005 Red Hot Dead Album Finished
Now our red hot brand new mind splitting tombstone cracking alboum is mastered and finished!! Our big thanks goes out to Admiral James T. who surfs the galaxy. He did a real great job and we are very happy that we’ve recorded our songs with him. Also to mention that he's a quite a folksy contemporary, sometimes a bit lazy but never the less a proud captain of his great Dala Studios, where you find everything you need – from very rare records, mics, wrecked up machines and many other things most living haven’t seen yet. On the new album we’ve tried to bring all the different styles of music together that we like and Admiral knew the ways to make them sound right. So you find 50like rock n roll, psycho rock, garage, country, trash and hard rock elements, as well as some gipsy fiddle and space out Theremin actions in this 15 deadly soul banding tunes that will be released this very fall!! But first we're looking forward for the up comming gigs – refreshed and new to the bone after some red hot and long needed vacations! So long and rest in peace, The Dead

27. June 2005 New Guestbook
Hey sinners now we have a brand new red hot Guestbook! Check it out at the Graveyard and leave your deadly note! You also find there all the messages of the old Guestbook, inclouding show reviews, bad taste comments of some deadheads, greetings and many more. Have fun and hide from the sun, The Dead

20. June 2005 New pig gig pics online
The longest day ahead - time to creep down deep into the hole. And belife it or not we've even put the last pig gigs online in our memorial. Go and enjoy The Dead in heat.

11. June 2005 Time is lagging and the GUESTBOOK is broken
It is a very drag at the moment. The 17 songs we've recorded are still in Admirals Dala Studios and he can't do any work at the moment. Maybe we'll get the songs some time later...And the other bad news are about our GUESTBOOK that doesn't work no more - so you better don't add anything, it won't appear. But time will come for both matters to unravel.

20. May 2005 Gig cancelled
Because the great Gterschuppe (an deadly biker club in Zrich) had some attention throuh an article in the newspaper, the STAPO Zrich intervened. Now the Gterschuppen can't make any concerts any more. Hopefully this will change in the future and that boiling spot can start to rock again!

16. May 2005 Luc playes the fiddle
After a few hours of sleep we went to Admiral James T today to record the last thing on our up coming record! Luc (from Jimmy Hofer Band and many other rock, country and classic projects) played a dead cool dirt driven rock blues fiddle on "Miss Slovakia" and "She's Dead". Thanks a lot! Unfortunately Admiral James T's computer broke down and the whole mixing will take some more time again. It seems like a never ending story, but time will come for our baby to be born - some day!

09. May 2005 The Dead Can Dance
Hey everybody, we've almost finished our mixing! Next thing in line is the big rattle n snake mastering and in fall you can pick that hoodoo piece up. Thanks to our ex-trecky Admiral James T it has become a real wild child of psycho garage jungle pop! With hard rock, punk and country elements as well and a surf song where Admiral plays a simple old fashioned Teremin. Until that deadly brew is ready to serve you can already watch the Dead dance now HERE (avi 34mb) or mov 6mb! And thanks for visiting our page - in April there was an average of 55 and peaks of over 100 hits a day! See you in hell!

08. April 2005 Two Brand New Dead Beat Appetizers
Hey sinister boys and wicked girls, we've posted two of our new songs at this page. The songs are still raw, unmastered and at their rough mix state. But still (or maybe especially now) you can hear the deadly note. The full record will be out in fall. Unfortunately it takes a very long time to get appointments with admiral james t to mix the recorded material. So you and we still have to wait some time until the whole record will be ready for the grave. But time will come. To give you a little tast of our sweet new baby you have in the Dead Stuff section the first and unique chance to check the two rumblinig red hot dead heart braking songs "Wild" and "Paradise No. 7" out! Enjoy your time living!

29. March 2005 Dead statistics
Hey necrophilics, thanks for visiting our dead page over and over again!! It's been up now for two years and we have already over 15000 visits!! In the last year there are already more than 10000 and in the last two months there are about 45 per day!!! Thanks a lot for that!! If you'll visit our concerts as much as our page, we'll be very rich very soon...cheers, The Dead!

26. March 2005 Helleurope pics
Finally we did it - we've got the Helleurope Tour pisc of 2004 on the page with a smelly little comment! Go and enjoy it here!!

25. February 2005 Boiling Pot Update
Hey - we have a brand new section on our dead page. In the Boiling Pot you find all kind of pictures that we made through the years. Go and enjoy 'em!

24. February 2005 Page Update
Hey sinners, we did quite some work now by updating our cryptic dead page! You'll find a lot of new pictures of our gigs at Sedel, Salzhaus and Safari Bar at the Memorial section as well as the photos of our little tour with Rock City Morgue and of our deadly week at the recording studio with Admiral James T at the end of 2004! Go check them out and more pics are to come!

15. February 2005 Rock City Morgue Tour Over
We had two deadly concerts together with fabulous Rock City Morgue. Especially the one in the ISC was big fun for us! It's been a long time since we've played in our home town the last time. Unfortunately the third gig with Rock City Morgue didn't work out because the band had to quite their Euro tour cause of some personal matters. They had to go back to New Orleans and had to cancel the following gigs inclusive the one together with us at the Tap Tab in Schaffhausen. We wish the creepy great horror rocking - Morgues all the best for their future and are looking forward to see them again somewhere sometime. C u and rock on!!

01. January 2005 Brand New Dead Record Ahead
A brand new year and a brand new record!! That's the deadly staff we like!! We've been in the fabulous Dala Studios with fucking great Admiral James T from the 27. - 31. December and recorded 17 red hot dead branding tombstone cracking songs!! We had a deadly time over there with a lot of mindless fun, death driven beats, wild cats, little sleep, black beauties, milk & alcohol, drugs and deadly screams!! Now we're waiting to mix it all together and to serve you this primitiv garage o billy jungle hoodoo country trash rock brew this very year!!

10. December 2004 Helleurope
Hey sinners, soon photos of our Helleurope-Tour we'll be online with a sticky little comment of how it was out there in the deadly east!!

03. November 2004 Helleurope over - new CD ahead
With tears in our eyes we came back from our tour through Germany, Czech and CH. It was so much fun, we didn't want to quite it! But fortunately we can look forward to record a new CD around Christmas time at the great a Dala Studios with Admiral James T!! One thing ends but the next one's just waiting in front of our door..

03. November 2004 - Radio Worldwide
We're proud that our CD is played all over the ball and wanna thank the audience of the WHFR Radiostation in Detroit/Ontario for requesting us to the psychobilly show master! Also big thanks to the interest of D van Q in Holland and Reptilercords with their Radioshow in Colorado! Stay dead - not like Bush!

20. October 2004 - Back in the Grave and Helleurope
After struggling through life The Dead is back again and ready to rumble! In a week we'll play with the Moped Lads in the Sedel prison and the following week we'll head on our first international tour! We'll start at the Rote Fabrik in Zrich before heading to Czech and Germany and at the end we'll have another gig back home in Switzerland at the Himmel. We're looking forward to hit the road and wanna THANK the very subversive fuckadie unhold Dani for that great job he did and for his friendly attitude, Tinu Zwergli for coming with us (we're glad to have you by our side big man) and Roman for driving us through the eastern wilderness! Thanxxx!!

20. September 2004 - Gig cancelled and renewed
Sadly the gig in Luzern (Sedel) at the 31. October with Blitzkid and The Spook is cancelled 'cause they don't do no Helloween Party this year BUT happily we'll play one day earlier at the very record release party of the fabulous MOPED LADS!!
Cheers The Dead

08. September 2004 - Helleurope Tour
We're proud to announce that our Hellurope-Tour is more or less together! It starts at the 04.11. and ends at the 15.11. We play evey night and the first gigs will be in Czech (aloa Slivovic) and the following in Germany with Weisswrste and beer!! To end it will have the one or other concert back home in Cheesyland. But they're not fixed yet. Sadly we can not go to Warschau (Poland) because it's too far :( but if we're lucky will manage to play somewhere in Bresnau or another place close to the border. Here you can check out the page of our polish friends the Poker Face! See you in hell and rock on!!

31. July 2004 - Death driven Helleurope Tour
After a month of vacation and howling at the beach we're finally back to turn white again down in our crypt of stone. But soon we'll rise all over to sweat and scream at the up comming summer festivals, the evil club gigs in fall and at our Hellurope Fiesta de los Muertos Tour (Germany, Czech and CH) in November!! Let's rock boogie and roll!!!

26. June 2004 - Dead Cool Horror Punk Trash Shop! Check it out!!!
Hey folks all around that dead planet if you like trashing horror fuck and hop music trash punk check this ass kicking online Horror Punk Shop out!!! And if you're anway sppeding around the net take also a look at Fangoria to get the latest horror movies reviews!!! Have fun and stay dead!!

15. June 2004 - Dead Cool Brand New Dead Shirts!!!!
Just straight to our record release party we became our new shirts!! We love'em and you can order them for 25 bucks at our web shop!! So hurry up before they're gone!! big thanks to The Gimp for the dead cool graphics!!! We love you!!

11. June 2004 - Radio Lora, Rabe & 3fach
Yesterday we had our first interview on radio rabe and it was dead fun!! Thanks to everybody from the "on the rocks" show!! It was our third radio performance in the last half year and we hope it will go on like this!! But for now we're looking forward for our record-release party at the Tojo - Reithalle - tomorrow!!!

Now that our CD is out (and even sells good) we've got the dates for the release party of that little voodoo child. The night of birth is the 12. June in the very gruesome halls of the Tojo at Reithalle Bern. It takes place in the spooky environment of the second HORROR HOP party (some may remember that devilish snake dance hop from last year). It's gonna be filled with the wicked creatures of night fulfilling their evil thoughts! Some you may know and some you may never forget!! The vicious hard rock disaster will be opened by the scary Fight Club zombies (awaken from the grave of Double Down - RIP) followed by the mighty Zeno Tornado hoodoo cunt-ry master and evil Jerry with his Final Thoughts! Dare and join that wicked reunion of restless souls - raise with The Dead!!

08. April 2004 - And even more to come..
After our cd arrived and found it's way into the record shops there are new releases in our deadly brew of rotten stuff. First of all we wanna thank ol'Gimp (again and again) for his hammer head base-drum-cover which makes us more than happy!! And then big thanks again to him for that great bunch of the dead posters which you can get at our gigs and in the dead stuff section. Another new death thing is the press-release space in the memorial and band section. You can read there what the living think about us and it starts with the The Dead portrait that was published in the daily newspaper 20Minuten. Thanks to Claudia!! Keep on rockin' The Dead

07. April 2004 - CD OUT NOW!!!
Yeeeheea finally our brand new bone cracking Raw Alpine Rock'n'Roll CD "Fiesta de los Muertos" (Crazy Love Records - Germany) is out now!!! You find it at our gigs, at your local record dealer (if not ask him for this deadly dope) and at our online shop!! So don't be afraid and go for it!!! It will improve your brain and every single cell in your dark gone soul!! It's all you have ever wanted!! Cheerrrs!!

29. March 2004 - New Postcard out
In the last one and a half year we've spread over 2000 of our The-Dead-Shadow-Postcards all over the world of the living!! They're gone by now but we have a bone smashing new one out!! It's about El Dia De Los Muertos de Mexico and it's made by our very friend The Gimp!! He likes creeping around in dark little holes and there he did a GREAT JOB!! Deadliest thanks to you for ever!! The card is great and for free and available at the dead stuff section, at our gigs and in some good music stores around. Take care The Dead.

03. March 2004 - CD OUT SOON!!!
We're proud to announce that our new cd "Fiesta de los Muertos" will see daylight for the first time this very April on the a kicking grave digging mind splashing CRAZY LOVE RECORDS label (Germany)! Big thanXXX to everybody who helped and supported us with that yet unborn child! Exact details of birth and its party will follow.

27. January 2004 - 2004 AND STILL DEAD
We had a great last year and wanna thank everybody who helped, supported and believed in us and joined our gigs!! We had a dead cool time and met a lot of creepy and deadly peeps and hope it goes on like this this year! At the moment we're looking to get our cd out and while dealing and wheeling we keep on writing brand new hell bound garage-o-billy-country-trash songs from six feed under. We also have a new mind splashing demo cd out now and hope to see you soon!! Stay dead and best wishes!

06. December 2003 - NEW GUEST BOOK
Due to our fucking guest book problems we've got now a brand new red hot one!! BIG THANKS to EL TIKI from Magnolia who did that great job for us!! Deadliest thanks to you!! The only drag is that all our old messages are now deleted, dead and gone with the dust...what a shame!!! But big thanks for all those loving notes anyway and you're welcome to post new ones, now even even with little devils, bunnies and other crazy stuff..So don't miss to pass the graveyard!!

After 3 days of recording in august and another 3 days of mixing through sep., nov. and oct. (Thanks to Altimeter Productions!!) we are now ready to do the finnal mastering next friday at the Greenwood Studios! And in the beginning of 04 we will have our very first stone dead cd out with more than 15 dead cool bone cracking tombstone hits!! It's gonna be a grande Fiesta de los muertos somwhere between hardrock, garage and psychobilly!! So take your eyes to our stuff page when this very dead product will be out. It will smash your mind!!

28. October 2003 - Guestbook Error and Concert Canceled
Somehow our Guestbook got an error and all the pretty messages from the past half year are deleted. Sorry about that!! But you are welcome to post new ones..
Other bad news concerns our gig with the Fuckadies at the Gasskessel in Berne. THE GIG IS CANCELLED due to some weekdays-faults from the gaskessel folks..We hope to get that concert soon next year!!

14. October 2003 - Great garage with The Cynics
Don't miss Double Down and The Cyinics at the 24. Oct. in Bulle!! Ass kicking garage at its best!!!

12. October 2003 - Mix the script
After two months of waiting we'll finally be able to mix our script from the crypt songs this saturday!!!! We've recorded those bone cracking songs in august but due to technical problems we haven't been able to do the big rattle n bone mixing up to now...but times are a-changing and we gonna crash that bone this time!!

12. September 2003 - His final rest
Rest in Peace Johnny! May your Songs live on.

16. August 2003 - Recording Session II
Now we're back from the mighty tombs of the RothornStudios. We recorded in a weekend with hardly no sleep, a lot of work, drinks, herbes and pleasures 17 dead smashing tombstone hits and are looking foreward to mix and master them in september!! Big thanx to Tinu Zwergli and the shaking skeletons!!!

16. July 2003 - Recording Session I
Finaly we fixed our dates for the next recording-session in early august. We will record a brand new cd far up in the mountains in the mighty tombs of Tinu Zwergli. So take your eyes to our stuff-page when this very dead product will be out!!

23. may 2003 - back again!!
After a month of sickness, operations and hospitals The Dead are back - as good as new!! And we have three new gigs in june and july as you can see above. We'd be glad to see you at the one or the other and keep on rockin'!!!

23. march 2003 - and still more to come!
And again we can give u some new concert dates to join the dead! one is a great an well known evening among the living. the other is an open-air gig and we can breath fresh air for our first time.
1.)  5.April 03 at Rowling Ball, Thun with our friends DeLorains Stray Bullets (ch)
2.)  31.Juli 03 at Schwarzwasser Festival, Plafeien with Gurd (ch), and many more!

19. march 2003 - two gigs done two more to come
the two gigs last weekend were great! thanks to all who helped and those who came to see us! But we are proud to annouce two new gigs in your near neighbourhood next month.
1.)  12.April 03 at schuexenhusli, ins to support lo-lite (nl)
2.)  19.April 03 at dead end, berne with dylan dogs (ch)

14. march 2003 - Page revealed to the public!

12. march 2003 - Still workin on our Page
Well loads of things to do before this page is ready to be watched. hope to finish it before our concert at Kofmehl (solothurn) starts.

11. march 2003 - Ground Layout is up and running
Thanks Perez! great job u did with your drawings and php skills!