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photo by Dominique Uldry


The Dead rise from the grave and haunt the world of living again. After one year of sickness, hospitalization and other diseases...

The dead were founded in the early, cold and grey winter days of 2001. They haunted the world of the living since than for more than 7 years. Their music was influenced by the different backgrounds of the unliving band members, including Rock'n'Roll, obscure 60garage, Psychobilly, Blues, Country and (Hard) Rock. The deadly zombie-combo scramble it all together to come up with their own toxic brew of raw SWISS ALPINE ROCK'N'ROLL.

Since then The Dead haunted the world of humans over and over again and played at many festivals and dark gone clubs all around Switzerland (e.g. Reithalle, l'Usine, Jazzkantine, Gaskessel, Sedel, Dynamo, Bikini Test, Industrie 45, Schüür, Gaswerk, Hirscheneck, Tap Tab, Rote Fabrik, Grabenhalle, ISC, Salzhaus, Fri-Son, Proger Bern, Kofmehl, Oxx, Himmel, Safari Beat Club) with bands like Baby Woodrose, Demented Are Go, Frentic Flinstones, Long Tall Texas, The Monsters, Tight Finks, Fuckadies, Texas Terry Bomb, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, The Masons, Moped Lads, Nguru, Reverend Beat-Man, Astro Zombies, Huckedicht, Bloodsucking Zombies from outer space, The Hormonauts and many more. In 2004 and 2007 The Dead toured through Germany and Czech and played in Belgium.

The first album "FIESTA DE LOS MUERTOS" was released in spring 2004 on the German label Crazy Love Records and is worldwide available. 2005 the second album "TAKE YOU HOME" was recorded with Admiral James T and came out on 808 records of Leech Redda in Switzerland in cooperation with Crazy Love Records for worldwide distribution. 2008 The Dead’s third album "THE DEAD ARE DEAD" was recorded with Admiral J. T. again. It's released on Chop Records. At the same time the record came out The Dead began to split up. Due to different musical development, sickness, hospitalization, mental clinic and other diseases. Then in summer 2008 Johnny Bravo did quit the band and The Dead was definitely buried.

But as it is… once dead always dead. Tom B. Stone and Vincenzo Muerto couldn’t stop making their raw music over and over again, together only the two of them, fucked up, in worst physical condition and depressed. But thanks to the Lord in early 2009 they found the two long gones Dr. Perdido (lead guitar) and Diemito (bass), who joined the two broke down skeleton brothers. And as dead as dead live can be, the new members fit to the band like the glove to the hand. In spring 2009 the Dead rose with the new lineup from their graves ready to haunt the world of the living with their new style of SWISS ALPINE ROCK'N'ROLL.

So if you want those Deadliners for more stage rage on your stage - just book’em!

Deadliest, Ed Dead 2009


Vincenzo Muerto (Rhythem Guitar, Vocal)

Tommy Tombstone (Drums)

Dr. Perdido (Lead Guitar, Harp, Back Vocals)

Diemito (Bass)


Here are the brand new Demotape Songs live recorded with Chrigu Supersexfly down in the graveyards crypt within one day in spring 2009. They are the first recorded tracks with the new lineup. Enjoy!

Teenage Head

Human Fly


It's all yours

More dead tracks to listen to are hanging down in the deadly cellar of the Dead Shop.


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Press-releases: What the world of the living thinks about The Dead.


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The Dead
Vincenzo Muerto Strauss
Sonneggsteig 6
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