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photo by Dominique Uldry

Welcome to the Grave Inn!

The Dead was born in a cold and grey winter night in 2001. They spawned their own poisoned mixture of heavy 60s garage punk with a punch of rock n roll fuzzed out country and bones scratching preachin' blues. So far them Dead released 4 hell driven snake dance zombie mojo records - mostly recorded at Howlong Wolf's most favorite DALASTUDIOS: "FIESTA DE LOS MUERTOS" (Crazy Love Records - and Altimeter Production), "TAKE YOU HOME" (808/Leech Redda), "THE DEAD ARE DEAD" (Chop Records) and "AT THE GRAVE-INN" (Subversive Records).

After 8 deadly years of raw punk a billy The Dead reached the devils fork in 2009 as Johnny Bravo left the band and Vincenzo Muerto (vocals, guitar, harp and howls) and Tommy Tombstone (drums n spirit) met the two long goners Dr. Perdido (lead guitar and back vocal) and Diemito (bass and back vocal), who joined The Dead existence. And - thanks to the Lord - the two new deadliners fit in the zombie-combo like the tombstone to the grave. The Dead burrowed down in their crypt again spewing a bunch of red new mind-burning-soul-spinning 60ies garage cow punk blues songs - all shocked up and twisted together into the bands unique toxic brew of RAW ALPINE ROCK N ROLL.

In 2011 The Dead decided to force their new sounds out of their caves and emerged from their graves to record their latest album "AT THE GRAVE INN" (Subversive Records) - which reflects the new lineups bone-swinging spirit - go check it out!

All together The Dead played over the years over a hundred bone ratteling live shows (including Reithalle, lUsine, Jazzkantine, XTRA, Gaskessel, Sedel, Dynamo, Nouveau Monde, Galvanik, Bikini Test, Industrie 45, Dampfzentrale, Gaskessel, Schüür, Gaswerk, Hirscheneck, Tap Tab, Rote Fabrik, Grabenhalle, Zaffaraya, ISC, Salzhaus, Fri-Son, Proger, Kofmehl, Oxx, Himmel, Safari Beat Club, Etage and many festivals) with skull slurping bands like Baby Woodrose, Demented Are Go, Frentic Flinstones, Long Tall Texas, The Monsters, Reverend Beat-Man, The Meteors, Texas Terry Bomb, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Gutter Queens, Moped Lads, The Fuckadies, The Hormonauts and many more. In 2004 and 2007 they toured through Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia and played at the legendary "Make Trouble At The Chapel Festival" in Brussels real old and dark gone rock n roll church.

Now after their 10th anniversary, carrying their new lineup and latest album on their backs, The Dead are taking it - due to family business and other diseases - a bit easier but are still ready to haunt the world of living from time to time agin.

At the end of 2015 THE DEAD members started to have diffrent things on their mind and in spring 2016 The Dead had their last shows.

But the reborned spirits of Heimito and Vincenzo were reborn into the body of FRANKIE SAFARI - a wild rhythm and blues rock n roll garage surf combo from the wild frontier!

Have fun and all the best!

Ed Dead


SOME OLD PRESS RELEASES - what the world of living used to think about The Dead.


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